Winter Storm Information and Reminders

Street safety is a primary concern for the Township during the winter months.

Please remember that snow removal operations are being performed under emergency conditions. It is the main priority of the Department of Public Works to make the streets passable for the motoring public.

Whenever possible, remove your vehicle from the street when plowable snows are forecast. Vehicles parked along the curbs make it difficult for plow operators to clear the roads.

Whenever possible, please avoid driving or parking on the roads during or immediately after a heavy snowstorm. The less traffic our plow operators encounter, the more efficiently they can get the roads cleared.

During the course of plowing snow off of the roads, driveways may get plowed in (snow deposited in front of the driveway opening by plow trucks). This is unavoidable.

If you must shovel the very end of your driveway prior to our completion, place the snow to the right of your driveway (with your back facing your house). If placed in this area, this lessens the amount of snow plowed back onto the drive area.See illustration below.

These tips may help you avoid shoveling the end of your driveway more than once. Please understand that proper plowing operations for the roadway cannot preventthe redeposit ofsnow in driveway areas.

Township property owners shall not throw or place any snow or ice onto Township streets (Ordinance Chapter 152-19). Residents are responsible for their contractors.

If you have a driveway plowing contractor, please remind them of these regulations.

A reminder for residents who live on Cul-de-sacs; these areas are particularly difficult to plow. We place snow accumulation in the most practicable areas.

Please place your garbage cans on your property and NOT on/in the street. Objects in the roadway are our biggest deterrent in efficient plowing operations.

We will not clear driveway openingsregardless of how the snow arrived there.


Please help us in protecting the safety of your childrenplaying in areas of accumulated snow, especially if "igloos" have been built in prior storms. The best step to take is not to allow unsupervised children out to play when snowplow operations are expected and until they are completed.