Residential Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection Schedule
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The Township of West Windsor contracts with Waste Management for normal trash collection including but not limited to: household garbage, grass, empty latex paint cans, bulk items (i.e. mattresses, sofas, tables). Garbage collection for the town occurs once a week from September to May and twice a week from end of May to August. Please see the below listed dates for the townships winter and summer schedule.

Schedule Pick Up
Winter Schedule (1 collection per week) 9/14/20 - 5/23/21
Summer Schedule (2 collections per week) 5/24/21 – TBD

Waste Management does not collect garbage on the following holidays: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. If your collection falls on one of the above listed holidays please refer to our current news on our home page or call Public Works for your collection date that week.

What Will Waste Management Collect?

Regular Garbage should be not placed in a recycling can. If you are looking to purchase a garbage can, Waste Management recommends purchasing a Toter 64 gallon can from a home improvement store. This can works best with the automatic lift truck.

Bags of garbage: Residents may place up to 10 bags of garbage out per pick up. Please make sure nothing sharp is poking out and that the bags aren’t too heavy. Approx 35lbs.

Latex Paint: Cans of paint must be completely dry. Place the can in a garbage bag or can for collection. (Residents can purchase cat litter or sand to solidify any remaining paint.)

Regular Household Batteries

Carpet: Resident must cut carpet into sections 4ft by 4ft. Carpet must be rolled up and tied for collection. Waste Management will collect approx. 10 rolls of carpet per pickup. For larger amounts of carpeting, residents may wish to obtain a dumpster.

Wood: Pieces of wood should not exceed 4ft in length or width. Please bundle and tie loose pieces of wood together for easier collection. *be sure the bundles aren’t too heavy and nothing sharp poking out. Approx 4-6 bundles of wood per collection. For larger amounts of wood & construction materials, residents may wish to obtain a dumpster. Please do not place wood in trash or recycle buckets.

Mattress: Mattresses larger than a twin must be folded in half and tied. All mattresses must be wrapped in plastic for collection. Box Springs can go out as is.

Bulk Furniture: Couches, Tables, Plastic Furniture, Small Appliances, Shelving units can be placed at the curb for regular trash collection. Please keep in mind Waste Management will collect one to two bulk items per pickup. Please call Public Works prior to your collection day to give notice of bulk pickup. Public Works # 609-799-8370

Toilet: Toilets can be placed at the curb with the tank separated from the rest of the toilet.

Grass: Waste Management will collect grass with regular trash in closed plastic bags or containers. Please make sure that no yard debris is mixed in with the grass. Grass Clippings only (no twigs, soil or yard debris), garbage collectors will not pick-up under these conditions.

Trash should be placed at the curb no later than 6am on your scheduled collection date. If you have an item that is not listed above please call our office for assistance.

Public Works: 609-799-8370 Office Hours: Monday through Friday 7am – 3pm

Waste Management does not accept the following: railroad ties, pianos, concrete/bricks/stone, household appliances, patio furniture. **Please note that construction debris will not be collected by the hauler if a contractor is on site **

Damaged Cans: Cans that are damaged by the hauler must be reported to Public Works within 24hrs of the incident. Please leave your damaged can at the curb so a Supervisor can inspect and justify if a replacement is necessary.

Township Weekly White Goods / Appliances Pick Up

The Department of Public Works does a weekly collection of household appliances and items that are mostly made of metal/iron. Items include but are not limited to: household appliances, patio furniture, lawn mowers and tractors, bicycles, tires, basketball hoops, exercise equipment and weights.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Contact Public Works, 24-Hours in advance, to arrange for curbside pickup. This collection occurs every Friday, if the collection day falls on a Holiday, it will be picked up the previous business day. Any calls received after 3:00 p.m. on Thursday will be added to next week's list. Items must be at curb by 7:00 am the morning of the arranged pickup.

Doors must be removed from refrigerators and freezers before placing at curb