COVID-19 Update – February 26th, 2021 (Friday)

During the past week we had 20 new Covid cases in West Windsor. This brings the total number of cases to 994.

COVID-19 Cases Reported in West Windsor Residents - 994
Recent Activity    20
(February 20th through February 26th, 2021 (4:00 pm))

We continue to vaccinate residents of West Windsor through two channels. First, if you have received a “Scheduling link” from the state, you should be able to schedule your vaccination either at the Mercer County community college or the Cure Arena in Trenton. New links are being sent every week and approximately 1000 residents of Mercer county get vaccinated through this channel every week.  

Second, the township is vaccinating people using our own wait list. If you have registered with the wait list, you will get a call from the township health office when it’s your turn. We vaccinate approximately 80 people through this channel every week.  

In addition to this, you can get vaccinated through one of the other sites which have their own registration; e.g.  Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, Princeton Hospital and CVS.  

If you get vaccinated through one of the other sites (RWJ, Princeton, CVS etc.) or through the state scheduling link at any site (MCCC, Cure Arena, Rowan, Burlington county), please send us an email at  stating “you were vaccinated” and giving us your name and address. We will take you off the township list making that slot available to the next person. If you get vaccinated via a phone call from the West Windsor health department then we have already taken you off the list and there is no need to send an email.

Today’s picture is a road in our township during recent snowstorms from Esther Sun. I hope we will not have another opportunity to take “snow pictures” for the rest of this winter season.

Have a great weekend and stay safe. Even if you are vaccinated please continue to follow all precautions.

WW Road During Snowstorm Ester Sun

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