COVID-19 Update – January 29th, 2021 (Friday)  


We had only 14 new cases during the past 3 days. This brings our total number of cases to 888.  

COVID-19 Cases Reported in West Windsor Residents - 888   

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(January 27, 2021 through January 29, 2021 (4:00 pm)

Next week we will conduct a second dose clinic for people who were vaccinated four weeks ago. Although we don’t have any clinics scheduled in West Windsor, we continue to place our residents in clinics around Mercer county. The county executive Brian Hughes announced today that Mercer county will get an increased supply of 1500 doses (compared to 800) starting next week. We are doing our best to get WW residents vaccinated either through county sites or directly in West Windsor. If we do get additional vaccine, we will conduct a clinic and vaccinate people on our list. In the meantime, if you are able to get a slot at any of the clinics around the state, I strongly encourage you to take that opportunity.  

Since both our health officer Jill Swanson and I are busy chasing vaccine, I will revert back to once a week reporting of the data unless we find a significant issue in terms of number of cases, clusters, etc. My next report will be on Friday Feb 5th.  

Today’s picture is from Carnegie Center by Madhava Challa.  

Carnegie Center Madhava Challa

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