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The Marlboro Township Historic Commission is dedicated to preserving and publicizing the Township's history. It recommends programs and policies to the Mayor and the Township Council for the identification, preservation, protection, development, improvement, restoration, and management of all historic sites within the Township. Where feasible, the Commission advises owners of historic properties on how they can participate in the historic preservation and renovation program. The Historic Commission is composed of nine members, appointed by the Mayor for three year terms, who volunteer their time without receiving any compensation.

The Commission is now seeking the cooperation of the community in locating historical documents, letters, photos, maps, etc., which will be permanently housed in the Marlboro Library Museum section for everyone's benefit. Temporary loans can also be put on display, and then returned to the owner, if so desired.

Residents who have in their possession any such items or pertinent information are requested to contact the Commission Chairperson, c/o the Mayor's office, at 732-536-0200, Ext. 1200. Those with a desire to join a sub-committee are asked to attend our public meetings held in Marlboro Town Hall, usually on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM.

Marlboro Township Town Hall Circa 1983
By Dorothy Lawrence