Rent Control Board

The Marlboro Township Rent Control Board (RCB) is the municipal agency primarily responsible for administering Chapter 225 of the Township’s revised ordinances. Chapter 225 sets forth the procedures and standards for rent increase and decrease applications relating to any properties coming within the scope of Chapter 225. The same members who sit on the Marlboro Township Affordable Housing Agency also sit on the RCB. The RCB typically meets once a month simultaneous with the Affordable Housing Agency. (See meeting schedule below) The RCB is responsible for:

Hearing applications for vacancy decontrol rent increases as well as rent increase applications based on either an increase in the Consumer Price Index, an increase in the landlord's real property taxes, costs, or utilities, increases for completed capital improvements, or, if the landlord is experciencing a financial hardship.

Hearing rent decrease applications brought by affected tenants.

Administering all the provisions of Chapter 225.

Amending and revising, from time to time, the provisions of Chapter 225.

All persons or entities wishing to file a rent increase application before the RCB are advised to carefully review the procedures set forth in Chapter 225.

 Please visit the Affordable Housing Agency for meeting dates and more information.